I was born in October amidst the great Chicago Balding of 77, bursting forth into this cold world armed with a chest of hair and full beard. I grew up exploring the various terrains of the villages, suburbs and farmlands that illuminate the Midwest. My childhood rolled on with my subconscious riding tandem with reality, alternating who got to ride in front. Drawing and daydreaming were my pasttime sports of choice. I would spend hours a day wrestling with the ideas in my head, like a bear, trying to pin them to a page.

            I'm inspired by the oddities of the world, fables, alchemy, sherbet El Caminos, ships stuffed into bottles and the seductive allure of triangles. With diligence and perspiration I aim to create a harmonious balance utilizing antique techniques, craftsmanship and contemporary ideas to create a world that is melancholy yet enchanting. I enjoy taking long casual strolls through the rolling landscape of my mind to share with folks my snapshots.